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Dofra Everest Challenge

Updated: May 10, 2021

Have you ever wanted to climb Mount Everest? Do you like the sound of reaching 8,848m above sea level, the highest point on Earth, at an altitude where humans are not designed to survive and where airplanes cruise? That sounds very dangerous, expensive and difficult to do in line with social distancing...

But we have a solution – a big challenge for Isolation 2021. Dofra members are intending to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest (achieve 8,848m of elevation gain) for charity. Please help us raise a few pounds for charity and maybe loose a few pounds along the way and hopefully help keep the Brethren fit and healthy. Get your friends and family to sponsor us and event join in the fun.

Use the link to donate to this worthy cause : Dofra Does Everest Challenge

More on Festival 2022 details can be found here : Worcestershire Festival 2022

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